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NIMS Implementation and Compliance Guidance by Fiscal Year



  • FY2008 NIMS Compliance Objectives Chart [03/08] (PDF 51KB, TXT 7KB)
  • NIMS Compliance Memorandum [02/08] (PDF 811KB)
  • NIMS Compliance Objectives and Metrics for States and Territories [03/08] (PDF 461KB, TXT 62KB)
  • NIMS Compliance Objectives and Metrics for Tribal Nations [03/08] (PDF 470KB, TXT 61KB)
  • NIMS Compliance Objectives and Metrics for Local Governments [03/08] (PDF 426KB, TXT 58KB)

Previous Years:

FY07 NIMS Compliance Package


  • Letter to Governors [10/06] (PDF 30KB, TXT 5KB)
  • Federal NIMS Implementation Survey [10/07] (PDF 100KB, TXT 7KB)
  • NIMS Compliance Corrective Action Plans [4/07] (PDF 69KB, TXT 4KB)


  • NIMS Compliance Metrics Tribal/Local [12/06] (PDF 127KB, TXT 28KB)
  • NIMS Compliance Metrics State/Territory [12/06] (PDF 170KB, TXT 42KB)
  • NIMS Compliance Metrics Terms of Reference [10/06] (PDF 68KB, TXT 28KB)
  • NIMS Compliance Metrics Guide for States and Territories [4/07] (PDF 2MB, TXT 147KB)
  • NIMS Compliance Metrics Guide for Tribal Nations and Local Governments [4/07] (PDF 3MB, TXT 126KB)

Implementation Activities and Matrices

  • NIMS Implementation Activity Schedule [10/06] (PDF 75KB, TXT 11KB)
  • NIMS Implementation Activities Schedule II [3/07] (PDF 42KB, TXT 9KB)  
  • NIMS Implementation Matrix for States and Territories [10/06] (PDF 163KB, TXT 34KB)
  • NIMS Implementation Matrix for Tribal and Local Jurisdictions [10/06] (PDF 141KB, TXT 29KB)

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FY06 NIMS Compliance Package

  • Letter to the Governors [10/05] (PDF 79KB, TXT 8KB)
  • Summary of NIMS Implementation Schedule [10/05] (PDF 16KB)
  • NIMS State and Territorial Compliance Activities [10/05] (PDF 121KB, TXT 28KB)
  • NIMS Tribal Government and Local Jurisdiction Compliance Activities [10/05] (PDF 128KB, TXT 23KB)

FY05 NIMS Compliance Package

  • NIMS Implementation letter to Federal Departments and Agencies [9/04] (PDF 90KB, TXT 6KB)
  • NIMS Compliance letter to Governors [9/04] (PDF 326KB, TXT 13KB)

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