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The Risk Management Series (RMS) is a new FEMA series directed at providing design guidance for mitigating multihazard events. The series includes a large cadre of manmade disaster publications directed at strengthening the building inventory to reduce the potential impact from the forces that might be anticipated in a terrorist assault. The objective of the series is to reduce physical damage to structural and nonstructural components of buildings and related infrastructure, and to reduce resultant casualties from impact by conventional bombs, chemical, biological, and radiological (CBR) agents; earthquakes; floods; and high winds. The underlying issue is that by improving mitigation and security of high occupancy buildings, we will be better positioned to protect the nation from potential threats and hazards. The intended audience includes architects and engineers working for private institutions, building owners/operators/managers, and state and local government officials working in the building sciences community.

* This publication is being updated.

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