Helping Pets

In the first few days after the disaster, leash your pets when they go outside. Always maintain close contact. Familiar scents and landmarks may be altered and your pet may become confused and lost. Also, snakes and other dangerous animals may be brought into the area with flood areas. Downed power lines are a hazard.

The behavior of your pets may change after an emergency. Normally quiet and friendly pets may become aggressive or defensive. Watch animals closely. Leash dogs and place them in a fenced yard with access to shelter and water.

Locate a Missing Pet

Pets displaced by a disaster are frequently housed in shelters and by organizations in the state that the disaster occured.  You should contact your local humane society chapter  to locate the shelters or organizations near you.

The search and rescue of pets lost during disasters is undertaken in a coordinated effort between FEMA and Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). These efforts included Veterinary Medical Assistance Teams (VMATS) and volunteer groups assigned the task of finding lost pets.

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