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Here's Something To Think About...

Communicate regularly with employees before, during and after an emergency incident.

Write a Crisis Communication Plan

Detail how your organization plans to communicate with employees, local authorities, customers and others during and after a disaster.

  1. Employees: Be prepared to provide employees with information on when, if and how to report to work following an emergency.
    • Set up a telephone call tree, password-protected page on the company website, an email alert or a call-in voice recording to communicate with employees in an emergency.
    • Be clear on how their jobs may be affected.
  2. Management: Provide top company executives with all relevant information needed for the protection of employees, customers, vendors and nearby facilities.
  3. Public: It may be important to update the general public with calm assurance that all resources are being used to protect workers and the community. Being able to communicate that plans are in place for recovery may be especially important.
  4. Customers: Update your customers on whether and when products will be received and services rendered.
  5. Government: Tell officials what your company is prepared to do to help in the recovery effort. Also communicate with local, state and federal authorities what emergency assistance is needed for you to continue essential business activity.
  6. Other Businesses/Immediate Neighbors: You should be prepared to give competing and neighboring companies a prompt briefing on the nature of the emergency so they may be able to assess their own threat levels.