Form a Partnership and Make It WorkForm a Partnership and Make It Work

Tribal Community Partnerships

Four Native American youths sit on a playground slide in winter.American Indians and Alaskan Natives are 3.3 million people, representing over 567 tribes in our country.  Their diverse traditions and culture continue to be a part of our country’s rich heritage and add to the mosaic of America today.  Native communities are more than just reservations—they thrive in the rural and urban settings of every state.  Many American Indian/Alaska Native communities are working together for a healthy future for their youth.  They have successfully brought together a wide range of partners.  Special considerations for partnerships if you are working in a Native community include:

  • Tribal Head Start and preschool programs that may incorporate local culture and traditions,
  • Native language preservation programs,
  • Schools–including local public schools, Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA), and contract schools,
  • Local Tribal governments and programs in Health and Social Services,
  • Justice systems that bring in traditional conflict resolution practices,
  • The Indian Health Service’s Health Promotion Initiative, and
  • Tribal Senior Centers and Grandparents programs promoting communication between the generations.
  • Just Move It, which brings people together to share what is working to promote physical activity in Native Communities,