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You can narrow your searches by selecting a specific agency and specific categories. Then select from three different ways to search on any text you entered.


Search for Exact Phrase
When you select this option, only results that have the text you typed in, exactly as you typed it, will be displayed. For example, typing in “free service” will not return a URL containing the phrase “free information service” because the phrase does not exactly match what you typed in.

Search for All Words
This option will search for each word you entered. It will return only results that contain each word you typed in. The order of the words does not have any bearing on the results. For example, typing in “free service” will return the URL containing the phrase “free information service” because “free” and “service” are contained in the description (though not necessarily in the order in which you typed them).

Search for One or More Words
This option will return results that contain at least one of the words you typed in. For example, typing in “free trees” will return every URL containing the word “free” or “trees.” Only one word has to exist in the URL to be included in the results.


If you select a specific agency, only URLs that are associated with the agency you selected will be displayed.


Only URLs associated with the checked categories will be returned.

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