Assess Your Community and Connect Its ResourcesAssess Your Community and Connect Its Resources

Gather, Store, and Map Your Community’s Resources

Community Resource Inventory (sign-in required)

The Community Resource Inventory provides a database and mapping tool that may be used to gather, store, and analyze information about resources available in your community. This database is created by you and your coalition and can only be added to or edited by you and the people in your coalition.

How can my coalition use this tool?

There are many ways you can use this database. You can use it to record all of your community’s assets—schools, youth groups, faith-based and community organizations, public agencies, parents and families, businesses, and more. Using the mapping tool, you can see the community assets that you have entered.

This new database can be helpful in learning more about community programs and in identifying service gaps and potential community partners.

How can I get started?

First, we recommend that you browse the site and determine whether you are interested in using it for your own partnership. Go to the “Community Resource Inventory: Sign In” page. For demonstration and training purposes, data entered by one community into a Community Resource Inventory has been provided. Anyone can access this database and browse. This database is accessible to any user. The username “sample” and a password have already been entered. Just click on “Sign in” to access the database and sample data. You can navigate through the database, but you will not be able to enter new data or edit this sample database.

If, after browsing and “test driving” the Community Resources Inventory, you are interested in using it for your own partnership, you can request an account using the Account Request Form. If another coalition in your community has already registered for a CRI, we may contact you to determine whether your best course of action is to partner with that coalition or to start a new inventory. Otherwise, you will receive an e-mail containing your username and password within one business day of submitting your Account Request Form. Please e-mail us with any questions you have about establishing an account.

OMB approval number 0300-0014. Expiration date: February 28, 2010