Map Your Community's Federal Resources, Concentration of Census Demographics, and More

The purpose of this mapping tool is to help you locate the concentration of youth and federal resources in your community.

As communities begin their assessment, there are many tasks they need to address.
These tasks include:

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Define your community geographically

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Target youth population

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Find federal resources within your community

Obtaining data about your community is critical to completing these tasks. This tool will help you learn about your community by providing important youth related census data and location maps. This tool makes it simple to define your community and select the data you need in a format you can easily use.

Communities can also identify the location of Federal programs that serve youth. This tool will help you track existing grants and programs in your community as you plan your initiative. It will also help you identify what additional resources may be needed and the best location for providing services.

To get started, click the GO button or to learn more about how to use the the tool click on the VIEW DEMO button.

The Community Guide has been developed through the coordination of ten Federal agencies. To learn about each Department’s resources and programs, click on its seal.