Program Eligibility 

Programs must focus on a youth population. A youth is defined as anyone under the age of 18. A program is eligible if it serves both youths and adults. Programs must focus on one or more of the following problem behaviors:

  • Academic Problems
  • Aggression/Violence
  • Alcohol,Tobacco and Other Drug Use
  • Delinquency
  • Family Functioning
  • Gang Activity
  • Sexual Activity/Exploitation
  • Trauma Exposure

  • Eligible programs may address these problem behaviors at any point along the continuum of youth services -- from prevention and intervention through residential care to reentry. However, an eligible program must explicitly aim to prevent or reduce one or more problem behaviors for an at-risk population.

    Minimum Evidence Requirements 

    The program must be evaluated with at least a quasi-experimental research design. Non-experimental and case study designs are excluded.

    The program evaluation must demonstrate one or more positive outcomes. The program evaluation results must be published in a peer-reviewed publication or documented in a comprehensive evaluation report.

    The program evaluation must document the program implementation (i.e., the fidelity of the program).

    Review Process 

    An application submitted online will receive an email notification acknowledging the receipt of the submission within 24 hours after receiving all the required materials. An application submitted via mail will receive an email notification acknowledging the receipt of the submission within 30 days of the receiving the required materials. The person submitting the nomination will receive the notification.

    Programs will be reviewed on a rolling basis in order to keep the HAY Tool Web site as current as possible. A triage system will segregate programs into three categories based on their potential for inclusion. Category 1 includes those programs that do not meet the prima facie evidence standard to warrant inclusion in the HAY Tool. In order to establish prima facie evidence, a program must at least meet the minimum requirement. The programs in this category will be notified by the administrative staff that there is not enough evidence to support including it in the HAY Tool. Category 2 programs minimally meet the prima facie evidence for inclusion. The programs in this category will be initially reviewed internally by a set of Ph.D. level reviewers from DSG to validate the prima facie evidence. If the evidence is validated by the internal reviewers, a review package will be assembled and sent to the external peer review panel. Category 3 programs clearly meet the minimum requirements.A review package will be assembled immediately and sent to the external review panel.The peer review process includes a three-person review panel that will consist of two external subject matter experts and a Ph.D.– level researcher from DSG.

    Submissions will be reviewed and scored along several dimensions, including:

    • The degree to which the program is based on a clear, well-articulated conceptual framework
    • The degree to which the program was implemented as designed.
    • The ability of the research design to establish a causal association between the treatment and outcome.
    • `
    • The degree to which the evaluation findings support the program treatment.
    • The entire review process typically takes several months.

    If you have any issues concerning your submission, please contact:

    Dr. Stephen Gies
    Deputy Project Director
    Model Programs Guide
    Development Services Group, Inc.
    7315 Wisconsin Ave.
    Suite 800 East
    Bethesda, MD 20814

    Nomination Instructions 

    Follow the steps below to submit a program nomination:

    Step 1. Fill out the online nomination submission form below. Please be sure to specify the title of the program.

    Step 2. Email all relevant peer-reviewed publications or reports and any documentation (e.g., manuals, process guides, tools, training materials) that describes the details of the program to Stephen Gies (click here). Include the program title as the subject.  click here

    Step 3. Be sure to click "Submit Nomination" after completing the form below and uploading any attachments.

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