Hazard Mitigation Planning

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Mitigation Planning is...

A process for State, local, and Indian Tribal governments to identify policies, activities, and tools to implement mitigation actions. Mitigation is any sustained action taken to reduce or eliminate long-term risk to life and property from a hazard event. This process has four steps:

  1. organizing resources;
  2. assessing risks;
  3. developing a mitigation plan; and
  4. implementing the plan and monitoring progress.

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Laws, Regulations & Guidance

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Grant Programs with Mitigation Plan Requirement

Stafford Act Grant Programs

National Flood Insurance Act Grant Programs

A Sample Scope of Work for Mitigation Planning Grants may be downloaded from the FEMA Library.

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Partners in Mitigation Planning

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Last Modified: Friday, 12-Sep-2008 15:41:49 EDT

Fast Facts

As of July 31, 2008, all 50 States, the District of Columbia,
6 Territories and 88 Tribes have approved Mitigation Plans. Over 17,000 local jurisdictions currently have approved (or approvable pending adoption) Local Mitigation Plans that cover approximately 73% of the nation's population.


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