State and Local Guide (SLG) 101: Guide for All-Hazard Emergency Operations Planning

This State and Local Guide (SLG) provides emergency managers and other emergency services personnel with information on FEMA's concept for developing risk-based, all-hazard emergency operations plans.

This Guide clarifies the preparedness, response, and short-term recovery planning elements that warrant inclusion in State and local EOPs. It offers FEMA's best judgment and recommendations on how to deal with the entire planning process--from forming a planning team to writing the plan. It also encourages emergency managers to address all of the hazards that threaten their jurisdiction in a single EOP instead of relying on stand-alone plans.

This Guide should help State and local emergency management organizations produce EOPs that:

Table of Contents

Entire Document - (PDF, 603 KB)

Front Matter - (PDF, 24 KB)

Chapter 1: Preliminary Considerations - (PDF, 26 KB)

Chapter 2: The Planning Process - (PDF, 43 KB)

Chapter 3: Emergency Operations Plan Format - (PDF, 15 KB)

Chapter 4: Basic Plan Content - (PDF, 51 KB)

Chapter 5: Functional Annex Content - (PDF, 10 KB)

Chapter 6: Hazard-Unique Planning Considerations - (PDF, 13 KB)

Chapter 7: Linking Federal and State Emergency Response Operations - (PDF, 26 KB)

Glossary of Terms - (PDF, 33 KB)

List of Acronyms - (PDF, 12 KB)

Bibliography - (PDF, 26 KB)

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