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We the People Grant Programs

In addition to NEH's normal grant offerings, NEH is offering these special programs:
Landmarks of American History: Workshops for Community College Faculty
Landmarks of American History: Workshops for School Teachers
We the People Bookshelf
We the People Challenge Grants in U.S. History and Culture
Family and Youth Programs in American History
Interpreting America's Historic Places: Planning Grants
Interpreting America's Historic Places: Implementation Grants

Apply for a grant

The primary emphasis of the We the People program is upon grant-making to scholars, teachers, filmmakers, curators, librarians, and others who submit proposals for projects that explore significant events and themes in our nation’s history and culture.

NEH grant programs and We the People

NEH invites We the People proposals in all of the agency’s programs and at all deadlines. Proposals are expected to meet the guidelines of the program that best fits the character of the project. A list of all programs and deadlines is available on the NEH website.

Proposals will be evaluated through NEH’s established review process and will not receive special consideration. The chairman reserves the right to determine which grants will be designated as We the People projects.

Special We the People grants

NEH has also created some new grant programs to help advance the goals of the We the People program. These include:

Funded projects

Learn about projects already funded through the We the People initiative.