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What is Service-learning?

Service-learning is a way to help young people become engaged in their communities while helping them learn and develop personally. When students become involved in their communities through service, they learn to balance the rights of citizenship with the responsibilities of community membership. Plus, service-learning helps students learn more efficiently, more effectively, and helps them better remember what they have learned. Service-learning is a “win-win” for your students, your school, and your community.

Service-learning is not a new concept. Learn and Serve America, a program that is administered by the Corporation for National and Community Service, is dedicated to expanding service-learning projects in the United States. Learn and Serve America engages more than 1.8 million students each year in service-learning - bettering their lives, their schools, and their communities.

Through this part of our site, we’ll help you get started with a service-learning project for your students with information and links to other sites.

Tell me and I forget.
Teach me and I remember.
Involve me and I learn.
                    - Benjamin Franklin

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