Fire Management Assistance Grant Program Resource Center
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Declaration Process
Grant Eligibility
Grant Administration
Job Aids
Statutes and Regulations


Click on this link to download a file containing the Excel forms listed below.

Form Name (Number)
Blank Form
Sample Form
Application for Federal Assistance (SF 424)
Applicant’s Benefits Calculation Worksheet and Fringe Benefit Calculations (FF 90-128)
Budget Information – Nonconstruction Programs (FF 20-20)
Contract Work Summary Record (FF 90-126)
Financial Status Report (FF 20-10)
Force Account Equipment Summary Record (FF 90-127)
Force Account Labor Summary Record (FF 90-123)
Incident Status Report (ICS-209)
Material Summary Sheet (FF 90-124)
Principal Advisor’s Report (FF 90-32)
Project Worksheet (FF 90-91, 90-91C)
Rented Equipment Summary Record (FF 90-125)
Request for Fire Management Assistance Declaration (FF 90-58)
Request for Fire Management Assistance Subgrant (FF 90-133)
Special Considerations Questions (FF 90-120)
Summary Sheet for Assurances and Certifications (FF 20-16, 20-16A-C)