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What is Housing Portal?

Housing Portal is a web-based application that consolidates various housing rental resources for individuals to search.
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Who can use Housing Portal?

Anyone with access to the internet can view the housing resource information in Housing Portal. Housing Portal is accessible to the public at https://asd.fema.gov/inter/hportal/home.htm. There is also a link to the Housing Portal site from the Find a Place to Stay page on the Recover & Rebuild tab of www.fema.gov.
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How can users access Housing Portal?

To access Housing Portal from the internet:

To access Housing Portal from the intranet:

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Are the properties on Housing Portal guaranteed to be available?

No, the properties displayed on Housing Portal are potential housing resources. You should research each property you are interested in by contacting the phone numbers provided to confirm availability.
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I have information on housing resources that I would like to make available to others through Housing Portal. How can I upload new property information?

You can provide information on new housing resources by emailing the RIMS Team at fema-rims@dhs.gov.
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How can I report a technical malfunction or request new functionality in Housing Portal?

You can report technical problems or request new functionality by emailing fema-rims@dhs.gov.
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