E388 - Advanced Public Information Officer

Course Description:

The Emergency Management Institute offers two courses for Public Information Officers (PIO). Those are the Basic Public Information Officers Course (G-290) and the Advanced Public Information Officers Course (E-388).

The Basic Public Information Officers Course is aimed at the new or less experienced PIO including those individuals who have function as a secondary responsibility. Course topics include an overview of the job of the PIO, understanding the media, interview techniques, writing a news release and conducting public awareness campaigns. This course is conducted by the States. Contact your State Emergency Management Agency to find out when and where the course will be offered. Click here for a list of the training offices of the State Emergency Management Agencies.

The Advanced Public Information Officers Course (APIO) is conducted at the Emergency Management Institute, Emmitsburg, MD.


The intent of the Advanced Public Information Officers Course (APIO) is application of public information skills to a major emergency or disaster situation. This is accomplished with a series of lecture presentations and exercises over the four days of the course.

Recommended Prerequisite

It is recommended that students complete FEMA’s Basic Public Information Officers course (G290) at the State level before they attend The Advanced Public Information Officer course (E388).

Units of Instruction

Legal Issues in Public Information, Public Information and Public Policy, Risk Communication*, Interpersonal Skills for Public Information Officers, Conflict Resolution, Communicating Effectively During and Emergency*, Media Relations*, Emergency Information Systems, Stress Management for PIO’s, Joint Information Center Exercise.

(Units marked with an * include practical exercises)

Course Length: 4 days

CEUs: 3.1

For More Information

For admission and campus information call the NETC Admissions Office, 301-447-1035.

For course content information call Pete Vogel, 301-447-1101 or pete.vogel@dhs.gov.