E901 - IEMC: All Hazards: Recovery and Mitigation

Course Description:

This exercise-based course emphasizing recovery and mitigation is new in the IEMC curriculum. It is similar to the IEMC All Hazards: Preparedness and Response course in its format but emphasizes recovery and mitigation activities. This course is conducted for two types of audiences. The participants in the “generic” audience offering represent various communities throughout the country. This IEMC also may be offered to communities who have previously participated in a “specific” community IEMC. The IEMC All Hazards: Recovery and Mitigation places public officials and other key community leaders in a simulation that begins after a disaster has affected a community. The course sessions and exercises allow for structured decisionmaking in a learning environment that is nonetheless realistic. A key outcome of this IEMC is to provide participants with the ability to carry out their respective functions related to disaster recovery, in both the short-term and the long-term. The exercise scenario focuses on recovery from severe weather and related flooding. Mitigation activities to prevent or reduce the future impact of a similar disaster also are identified during the mitigation exercise.

CEUs: 2.5

NOTE: Participants are encouraged to enroll in both the All Hazards: Preparedness and Response and the All Hazards: Recovery and Mitigation, in consecutive, back-to-back, offerings.