E910 - IEMC: Earthquake: Preparedness and Response

Course Description:

This Integrated Emergency Management Course, E910 Earthquake Preparedness and Response is another in the curriculum and addresses preparedness and response in emergency situations based on an earthquake. This exercise-based course is conducted for two types of audiences. The participants in the "generic" audience represent various communities from throughout the country. The "specific" audience is made up of participants all from one community. The places public officials and other key community leaders in a disaster simulation. The course methodologies of classroom instruction, planning sessions, and exercises, allow for structured decision making in a learning, yet realistic, environment. A key outcome of this is that additional planning needs are identified, providing the opportunity to enhance overall preparedness. The exercise scenario for the Earthquake: Preparedness and Response focuses on response to an earthquake. Also, additional planning needs to prepare for an earthquake response are identified.






Course Length:

CEUs: 2.5

NOTE: Participants are encouraged to enroll in both the Earthquake: Preparedness and Response and the Earthquake: Recovery and Mitigation, in consecutive, back to back, offerings.