Integrated Emergency Management Course

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Learning to Manage EOCs through Exercises

The Integrated Emergency Management Courses (IEMCs) are a 4 and ½-day exercise-based training activity that places Emergency Operations Center (EOC) personnel under realistic crisis situations within a structured learning environment.

Course Goal

IEMCs build awareness and skills needed to develop and implement policies, plans, and procedures in an emergency operations center (EOC) to protect life and property through applications of sound emergency management principles in all phases of emergency management.

Our Course List

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Who Should Attend

Elected and appointed officials are an important audience to an IEMC.  In addition, mid-level management, supervisory and operation personnel from various disciplines benefit from the experience.  The Integrated Emergency Management Courses are also designed for personnel who fill specific emergency support positions within their community.


IEMCs are a combination of classroom lectures, discussions, small-group planning sessions, and functional exercises which expose participants to new ideas, and increase their awareness of the necessary coordination among other agencies and organizations.  For the exercises, each participant is assigned a role similar to their real-life position in an emergency operations center (EOC).

If you have specific questions about the IEMC program, please contact our Integrated Emergency Management Section staff at 301-447-1381.