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Each year, a community must recertify by October 1 that it is continuing to implement the activities for which it has earned credit. Recertification is done on the recertification worksheet, AW-214, which is prepared by ISO and sent to the community each August.

The recertification worksheet, AW-214, lists community data and the activities and elements the community is implementing for CRS credit. It may be several pages long, depending on the number of credited activities. The ISO/CRS Specialist will provide instructions on which pages and documents go to the FEMA Regional Office and the State NFIP Coordinator. A complete set is sent to the ISO/CRS Specialist.

As noted in their credit documentation sections, some activities have additional requirements that must be submitted with the annual recertification. These are noted on the AW-214 that is sent to the community. The recertification may also include documentation requested by the ISO/CRS Specialist to verify continued implementation.

Any community that has received a Class 9 or better classification will revert to Class 10 on the following May 1 unless it submits the signed recertification worksheet by October 1 of each year. If the recertification does not include all the needed documentation, the community may lose enough points to cause a retrograde in its CRS classification.

Click here to view a sample CRS Annual Recertification Worksheet.

A community that fails to recertify will revert to a Class 10. Failure to submit the listed items will result in loss of credit for those activities. A repetitive loss community that fails to submit a copy of its annual outreach project or a Category C community that fails to submit its annual progress report as required by Activity 510 (Floodplain Management Planning) will revert to a Class 10.

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