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Graphic of a Modification sheet.
  1. A community may modify its application by applying for credit for new elements or activities, dropping one or more elements or activities, or submitting revised versions of materials the community stated it would update annually. Modifications are submitted on activity worksheets, which are found in a separate publication, "CRS Activity Worksheets," available from the CRS. The community must use the credit criteria of the Coordinator's Manual and the activity worksheets in effect at the time the application is submitted.

    Modifications are submitted using either paper activity worksheets or a printout of activity worksheets using the CRS calculation software, "Computerized Calculations for the Community Rating System." The CRS Application worksheet pages are used only for a community's first application, not for modifications.

  2. A community's CRS classification cannot change more than once a year. Therefore, modifications can only be processed after a class change has been made effective.

  3. If a community is modifying an activity previously applied for, its submittal must include both the new elements of the activity and those that were previously credited, if still being implemented. Activities not included in the modification are unchanged.

  4. If a community submits a modification, the ISO/CRS Specialist will automatically update the community's credit points for its BCEGS classification and its state dam safety program (Activity 630) to reflect the values currently in effect. If these new values affect the community's CRS classification (or the prerequisite for a CRS classification), the community will be reclassified accordingly.

  5. A community may modify to change its growth rate adjustment by submitting appropriate documentation. If this is done, the total points for all affected 400-series activities will reflect the new growth adjustment. If the community does not request a revised growth rate, modifications submitted for 400-series activities will reflect the growth rate previously used.

  6. Modifications are processed and verified in the same manner as CRS applications. The community must also have submitted a recertification by the previous October 1.

  7. If a community submits a modification that will result in a two-class increase, the community's entire program will be reverified.

  8. At any time of the year a community may submit materials to the ISO/CRS Specialist for review and comment on how they would affect its CRS classification. The ISO/CRS Specialist will provide feedback for information purposes only. Such materials will not be kept nor will they be credited to the community's application. The only way a community's credit points may be changed is by submitting a modification with enough points to result in a class change.

  9. If the community submits a modification that does not have sufficient credit points to result in a class change, the ISO/CRS Specialist will treat it as material for review under modifications. The materials will be returned to the community with comments. The community's total points will not change. The materials should be submitted later with a modification that will give the community sufficient points for a class change.

  10. A community may revert to a Class 10 because it dropped or lost credit for one or more elements or activities. If such a community desires to regain a Class 9 or better classification, it must submit a complete new application according to the Coordinator's Manual currently in effect. It may not submit a modification just to correct the problem activities.

    Communities are encouraged to submit materials at any time for the ISO/CRS Specialist to review. The courtesy review will help the community prepare its application or modification. However, such review will not affect the community's credit points nor will the ISO/CRS Specialist include the materials in the community's file. Modifications that do not apply for enough points for a class change will be treated as courtesy reviews.

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