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Impact Adjustments for Areas
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Impact Adjustments for Buildings
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Graphic of a map with an impact adjustment variable pamphlet and examples pamphlet.

Most elements in Activities 310 (Elevation Certificates), 520 (Acquisition and Relocation), 530 (Flood Protection), 610 (Flood Warning Program), 620 (Levee Safety), and 630 (Dam Safety) do not affect all of the buildings that could benefit from them. Credit for these elements is adjusted according to the number of buildings affected.

In order to measure the impact of elements in Activities 310, 520, 530, 610, 620, and 630, the community must determine the portion of its floodprone buildings affected by each element. Impact adjustment ratios are variables with a lower case "r" preceding the acronym for the element. For example, the acronym for elevation certificates for post-FIRM buildings is "ECPO." The impact adjustment ratio for ECPO is "rECPO."

A few elements do not have impact adjustment ratios. These elements are assumed to be effective throughout the community. In some cases, credit is provided ONLY if they are implemented throughout the community.

In Activity 320 (Map Information), credit is provided for providing map data to any inquirer about a location anywhere in the community. Because map information must be provided throughout the community, there is no impact adjustment for Activity 320 (Map Information).

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