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Master Trainer Program (MTP) Course Application Process

Individuals interested in applying for the Master Trainer Program must attend the Management and Supervision of Training Course first. This course is a prerequisite for all the other courses in the Master Trainer Program.

The application process for the Master Trainer Program will be discussed during the course. A questionnaire that is part of the application will be distributed at the end of this course. Applications for admission to the Master Trainer Program will be reviewed on an individual basis in June and December of each year and require the following items: A letter from the applicant requesting admission to the program. The letter should specify applicant's qualifications, commitment to complete the entire program, and expectation of the program.

A General Admission Application Form (FEMA Form 75-5). Item #9 should State "EMI Master Trainer Program." Indicate in item #10 completion of the Management and Supervision of Training course. The questionnaire, which is provided to all persons who complete the Management and Supervision of Training course, completed with information about a training need the applicant has identified in his/her area of responsibility. A letter of recommendation from the applicant's immediate supervisor indicating the organization's commitment to allow the applicant to complete the entire program. A college transcript or a copy of the diploma to support the completion of at least an associate's degree.

All materials should be sent directly to:

Master Trainer Program Emergency Management Institute
Attention: Phil McDonald
16825 South Seton Avenue Emmitsburg, MD 21727

The Emergency Management Institute will send copies of each application to the appropriate State Emergency Management Agencies and Offices for concurrence.

Individuals who are not accepted into the Master Trainer Program may apply to take the individual courses within the program. Enrollment will be on a space-available basis, first come, first served. The National Fire Academy course, Fire Service Course Design, can be substituted for E603, Instructional Design. No other course substitutions will be accepted.