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500 Flood Damage Reduction
510 Floodplain Management Planning
520 Acquisition and Relocation
530 Flood Protection
540 Drainage System Maintenance
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Graphic of a store with the windows boarded up.

This series of activities addresses flood damage to existing buildings. It complements the previous series that dealt with preventing damage to new development. Recognized damage reduction measures include acquiring, relocating, or retrofitting existing buildings and maintaining drainageways and retention basins.

Planning is the backbone of the CRS community mitigation programs. Plans are required if a community has 10 or more repetitive losses, and in order to improve better than a Class 5. CRS floodplain management planning criteria has been expanded and updated to meet the planning requirements of the Disaster Mitigation Act of 2000, allowing communities to adopt one all-hazard plan for multiple (and other Federal agency) programs.

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