Integrated Emergency Management Course

Sample Community-Specific IEMC Application Request Letter

Jurisdiction Letterhead

Joseph Smith, Director

State Emergency Management Agencies

100 Main Street
Capitol City,
State, Zip Code

Dear Mr. Smith,

On behalf of (jurisdiction’s name), I respectfully request consideration to receive a community-specific Integrated Emergency Management Course (IEMC).  We have determined that (jurisdiction’s name) meets the criteria for application and selection for this course conducted by FEMA’s Emergency Management Institute (EMI).  We understand that approval for an IEMC will require a major commitment from our community. As such, I believe our community is an ideal candidate and would benefit significantly from participation in this course to exercise our emergency operations center (EOC) SOPs and our emergency operations plans.

As explained in detail in this application package, (jurisdiction’s name) has a population of approximately xxx,xxx permanent residents with a peak business-day population of xxx,xxx. Cite community characteristics for example: for example (A “Downtown Improvement Program” is currently underway to restore and renovate historic riverfront buildings into apartments and condominiums. In addition, the construction of new Convention Center is nearly complete. The scheduled grand opening within six months will correspond with opening of the Heritage Park open recreation area along the riverfront.)

We request an IEMC program that will help to prepare us for (type of IEMC requested and primary hazards or event for the exercise scenario).  The attached documents provide detailed information concerning our current emergency management program and our disaster history.

We request your endorsement of this application to be forwarded to the FEMA Regional (#) Administrator along with our application package.  Thanks you for your consideration.


Vicki Moore



Sample Community-Specific IEMC Application

Jurisdiction’s name , State

Population:  # (19XX Census)

Government Structure:  Elected Council and City Manager (additional details as appropriate).

Jurisdiction definition for IEMC:  This IEMC request is for (jurisdiction—if you intend to include neighboring jurisdictions or entities, insert the details here). 

Status of our Emergency Management Program:  We have a full-time emergency manager under the direction of the City Manager.  We take an “all hazards” approach to emergency management for purposes of planning, preparedness, response, and recovery and are compliant with the National Incident Management System (NIMS).  Our Emergency Operations Center (EOC)is configured under our incident command system (provide details).

Disaster History:  Our community has responded to several disasters since 1982 to include Hurricane Alonzo (category 3) in 1996, three earthquakes in 1984, 1992, and 2002 (Richter scale of 5.2, 6.1, 7.0 respectively), and one major hazardous material event (1994) at one of our chemical facilities resulting in 8 deaths and 37 injuries.  We also have several facilities and government organizations that are considered potential terrorist targets per FBI analysis, (provide details).

Emergency Management Training & Exercises:  All of our public safety agencies have full-time active training departments.  Each agency conducts individual training and exercise programs on a quarterly basis.  (Jurisdiction’s name) conducts city-wide tabletop and functional exercises twice yearly with a full-scale field exercise once a year.  We have participated in the Department of Justice WMD training and exercises (three annually beginning in 2000) and the MMRS program.   We also exercise annually with the Chemical Stockpile Emergency Preparedness Program, (provide details).

Our (jurisdiction’s name) Hazards:  Our hazard analysis (conducted in 200X) includes earthquakes, flooding, tornadoes, winter storms, hazardous materials, terrorism, bomb threats, and wild land fires. (Copies of emergency plans, SOPs, mitigation plans, etc. will be reviewed by EMI staff is collected and your jurisdiction is selected for an IEMC).  A copy of this document is available for your review on our website: (provide details).