E602 - Performance & Needs Assessment

Course Overview

This course is designed to enable participants to plan for conducting a performance and needs assessment. The course also provide opportunity to practice analysis skills. Participants will develop assessment plan based on a problem. They will analyze when the return home. This needs assessment will lead to the appropriate intervention for improving performance.

Selection Criteria

This course is designed for those who have overall responsibility for developing, planning, managing, and evaluating training programs. FEMA regional training managers, State emergency management training officers, and other State-level organizational training managers are appropriate candidates for this course. Managers of local emergency management or emergency services training organizations will be accepted provided they demonstrate that the system they manage is of a complexity commensurate with that of the State emergency management organization which includes all of the functions identified above.

Personnel with training responsibilities from Non-profit organizations involved in emergency management functions may also apply.


Applicants must complete E601 first. Participants also should do research on a real problem from a department, agency, or organization.

ACE Recommendation

2 semester hours upper division credit in Education, Public Administration, or Emergency Management.