Non-Resident Courses (EMI Courses Conducted by States)

The courses listed below are only for emergency management professionals who are residents of the United States. For information about course dates and the application process, contact the training officer in your State Emergency Management Agencies and Offices.

The courses are listed based on Course Code. Click on each Course Code or Course Title link to get a course description.

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G107 Evacuation & Re-entry Planning Readiness
G108 Community Mass Care Management2 Days Readiness
G110 Emergency Management Operations Course (EMOC)3 Days N/A IEMC
G130 Exercise Evaluation Course2 Days N/A IEMC
G135 Exercise Control/Simulation Course2 Days N/A IEMC
G137 Exercise Program Manager/Management Course2 1/2 Days N/A IEMC
G138 Exercise PracticumN/A N/A IEMC
G191 Incident Command System/Emerg Operations Center Interface1 1/2 Days N/A Readiness
G197 Emergency Planning & Special Needs Population2 1/2 Days No Disaster Operations and Recovery
G200 Public Officials' ConferenceN/A No Disaster Operations and Recovery