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Volcanoes of the World 

Volcanoes of the World

The data presented in this section have been compiled by Smithsonian volcanologists over the past three decades and represent an updated electronic version of Volcanoes of the World (Simkin and Siebert, 1994). The volcano and eruption data are freely available, although users are strongly cautioned to consider the many uncertainties discussed under Frequently Asked Questions and Data Criteria pages (linked below). See About "Volcanoes of the World" for acknowledgements and citation guidelines.

Find a Volcano by Region Find individual volcano pages from world and regional maps. Map pages include a list of subregions, links to other regional information, and volcanology highlights. Regional volcano listings are sequenced geographically and include thumbnail photographs. Individual volcano pages include volcano and eruption data and (when available) a photograph.
Find a Volcano by Name Find volcano information through a name search based on the first letter or a text string. Includes volcano names, synonyms, and subsidiary features. Searches may be global or limited by region. All listings created in this section are sorted alphabetically.
Find a Volcano by Eruption Date Find volcano information through an eruption search by month and year.
Volcano Name List Alphabetical listing of Holocene volcano names, including the volcano type and subregion, with a link to each Volcano Information page. There is also a list of Names, Synonyms, and Subfeatures in the same format.
Summary List One-line summary per volcano of basic geographic and geologic information for Holocene volcanoes in geographical or alphabetical sequence, or as an Excel file. The data include volcano number, name, location, latitude and longitude, summit elevation, type, and status.
Large Holocene Eruptions Chronological listing of dates and explosive magnitudes of large eruptions during the Holocene (the last 10,000 years). Includes both historical and prehistorical eruptions with a Volcanic Explosivity Index (VEI) of 4 or larger.
Frequently Asked Questions Answers to commonly asked questions about Holocene volcanoes and their eruptions based on data from Volcanoes of the World. This section will be expanded in the future.
Data Criteria Detailed information about the data displayed for individual volcanoes and their eruptions.
About "Volcanoes of the World" History, acknowledgements, and citation guidelines for the "Volcanoes of the World" section of the website.

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