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HAZMAT Tabletop Exercise


These tabletop exercises are intended to provide an opportunity for communities to test their ability to respond to hazardous materials (HazMat) incidents. The exercises provide the opportunity to identify the response and coordination issues that could arise during a variety of hazardous materials scenarios and make the decisions to resolve those issues.

The Manual includes the exercise instructions, objectives, and other exercise materials for three hazardous materials exercises

  • Exercise 1, Fixed Facility in a rural area, describes an accident involving chlorine in a water treatment plant.
  • Exercise 2, Highway Accident, is set in a suburban area. The exercise describes an acetone release resulting from a highway incident.
  • Exercise 3, Rail Accident, is set in an urban area, and involves the release of chlorine from a rail accident.
  • The exercises simplify and sequence the events during a period of time that, in reality, would be characterized by a series of complex issues occurring nearly simultaneously. All incidents are presented as unfolding events with the initial incident scenarios introducing the emergency and new information being introduced by means of injected messages throughout the exercises.

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