Integrated Emergency Management Course

Participant Comments

“I attended the Hurricane Preparedness and Response class last week.  I just wanted to give my compliments to you and all of the instructors.  I’ve gone through many training classes and exercises while with my current and past employers and this was, by far, the best one.  The instructors were excellent and very informative.  The exercise was outstanding.  I’ve been through several disasters and that’s probably as close to real-life simulation as possible.”

Water Authority Manager
Kissimmee, Florida 
January 2008


“Like any successful emergency response, this exercise was a community effort.  The fact that so many organizations committed the staff (71 community member) for this course is unusual and it was highly effective…The increasingly complex scenario, along with ringing phones, crackling radios and regular television “news updates” brought the pressure and pace of crisis response to life for the course participants.”

City Manager
Peoria, Arizona 
June 2007


“Thank you for the opportunity to attend the Integrated Emergency Management Course last week.   I was somewhat skeptical as to what I was getting into prior to my arrival, but I found that the course exceeded my expectations.  It was well organized, and the presenters were all first rate.  And as is often the case at training outside of my normal area, I learned a great deal from my classmates…I will be encouraging my neighboring city administrator counterparts to investigate the EMI course offered and to take advantage of them.  It is a great training value.”

City Administrator
Shakopee, Minnesota 
April 2007