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Disaster communications in a changing media world

Author(s):Haddow, George D. and Haddow, Kim S.
Description: 239 p.
Publication Data:Burlington, MA : Elsevier. 2009
Identifier/s:OCLC Record No.: 243777605/ ISBN: 978-1-8561-7554-8/ LCCN: 2008034720/ Accession No.: 130397
Type of Item: (BOOK)
Series Data:Butterworth-Heinemann homeland security series
Table of Contents :Chapter One - Communications: The Critical Function Essential to success - best case examples where effective communications clearly contributed to the success of the operation - Northridge for response, Napa for mitigation; worst case examples where inadequate and inept communications planning and implementation costs lives, damaged response, or delayed recovery - Hurricane Katrina, the Loma Prieta earthquake. Chapter Two - Disaster communications in a changing media world Definition of new media, examples of use in disasters - Katrina, July 7 London bombing, Examples of changing role of traditional media and government --9/11 Chapter Three - The Principles of a successful communications strategy Basic assumptions and examples of each: * Transparency * Accuracy * Accessibility * Customer focus * Leadership commitment * Communications core to planning * Partnership role with media * Need to create emotional connection with audience, be trusted - Rudy Giuliani on September 11, Chief Moose in the DC sniper incident Chapter Four - Application of principles to all four phases of disaster * Mitigation * Preparedness * Response * Recovery * The challenges of communicating risk Chapter Five - Identification of audiences * Public * Elected officials and community leaders * Partners - public health, first responders, volunteers * Media Chapter Six - Creating infrastructure * Staffing * Tools and technologies Chapter Seven - Working with the media * How a newsroom works, staffing, deadlines, * How the internet works * Experts, visuals, first hand accounts, constancy of information Chapter Eight - New trends in informational dispersal Challenges of having the truth heard in a cluttered, chaotic world where everyone is a reporter - turning that trend to your advantage Chapter Nine - Resources
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