Interlibrary Loan Procedures

Access to many of the items you find on the LRC Online Card Catalog (OCC) is provided via Interlibrary Loan (ILL). *ILL starts with a visit to your local public, college, or corporate library. The librarian there will explain the library's ILL policies. Some libraries may charge a fee for ILL services. Like the LRC, many libraries do not loan audiovisual materials or reference books like encyclopedias. It is also important to remember that both the lending and borrowing libraries must comply with the Copyright Compliance Guidelines (sect.108(g)) of the U.S. Copyright Law and all other provisions that may apply.

For any of the items you wish to borrow, provide the ILL librarian with as much information as possible. A copy of the printout from the OCC would be ideal. Your library pretty much takes it from there. There are several ways that your local library might use to get the item on your printout from the LRC OCC. Borrowing the item(s) from us is only one of the ways. As an example, a library closer to you than the LRC may own the item.

Your library can contact us on the OCLC (your library will know what this is) online ILL network - our symbol is (NFP). Or they may mail or fax a standard ILL form to us - one ILL form per item, please. Please have your library contact us at any of the numbers below if they have any questions.

When we have approved your ILL request, the item(s) will be sent to your library and they in turn will loan them to you. When you have finished with the item(s), you return them to your library and they mail it back to us. You may keep most photocopied items.

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The LRC will interlibrary loan only with libraries in the United States.