The first decision you will have to make when using the Online Card Catalog (OCC) is which search method is best: Specific Title, Subject Terms, or Free Text.

Search for a Specific Title

Use this option if you want to know if the LRC has a particular item you need. You know the title and can search it by keywords in the title. You can also use this option to search for all titles that contain any keywords or phrases you want.

Search by Subject Terms

When you use this option you are only going to search for keywords in the Subject field of the OCC. Your terms must be terms from the LRC's Subject List - its controlled vocabulary listing. This listing is available to you when you click on "terms". Then you simply select a term and paste it back on the search line.

Search Free Text

This option has the most flexibility but the least accuracy. Use your own words on the search line and the OCC will look for your terms in several different fields.

FYI Tips