Independent Study Program (ISP)

Before You Begin: Technical Information

Based on which option you choose to take IS course (downloadable materials or interactive web-based version if available, tables below provide the system requirements for successful accessing and viewing materials.

System Requirements

For IS Courses hosted on EMI Learning Site**

Operating System Browser Type and Version Download Plug-ins* Pop-up Blocker(s)


(XP, 2000 or above)

IE 6 or above

Netscape 8 or above

Firefox 1.5

MS Office Viewer (Word, PPT, Excel etc.)

Adobe PDF Reader 7.07 or above

Macromedia Flash Player 7 or above



(OS X)

Safari 1.2

Firefox 1.5

Adobe PDF Reader for Mac

Macromedia Flash Player 7 or above



Please Note:

** For iMac and dial-up users, it is encouraged to use this option to access course materials.

* Plug-ins are free downloads.

* If you have accessibility problems viewing any PDF document on these pages, go to and use the online conversion tools to obtain the document in text format.

Download directions are also available with each course. It is recommended that the user download the course material files and view them off-line at their convenience, saving time and money for Internet connect charges.