Disaster Field Training Operations

Disaster Field Training Operations (DFTO)

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The quality of FEMA's response and recovery efforts is directly linked to the knowledge and skills possessed by staff working at disaster sites. Keeping a well-trained field workforce is a great challenge.

New disaster workers may be hired from the local community each time there is a disaster. FEMA disaster employees may not have worked in many months and may not be current on disaster programs and policies that often vary from disaster to disaster. In catastrophic disasters, permanent full-time employees are sometimes deployed to work disaster assignments for which they have not been trained previously.

These challenges create the need to provide quality on-site training at the disaster site. The Emergency Management Institute created the Disaster Field Training Operation to meet these field-training requirements.

The mission of the DFTO is to:

The DFTO is not intended to replace ongoing training that is conducted by FEMA or State and local governments. The DFTO is meant to provide on-site training opportunities to assist field staff in performing their job functions.

Contact: Bernice Zaidel

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