Word-Level Concept Searching

With the concept operator--the exclamation point--you can perform a concept search for an individual query word, as opposed to using the Search Screen's Concept button, which considers your entire query. Like the Concept button, the concept operator dynamically generates a list of terms statistically related to the word to which the operator has been appended. PLWeb Turbo then performs a search for the original query word and the most significant related terms.



tribal! politics in South Africa!
In this example, concept searches will be performed for the words tribal and Africa, but not for politics or South.

If search stemming is on-as it is by default-the following query:

will search for terms related to variants of the word-run, runs, running, etc. If stemming is off, the query will search for terms related only to run.

If search stemming is on, the following query:

in which stemming is disabled by the exact match operator, will search for terms related only to run.

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