Restricting an Entire Query to Specific Fields

You can use the query-level field restriction operator to restrict your entire query to one or more specified fields. This is a convenient alternative to using the word-level operator in conjunction with every word in a query.


query /f:field1,field20
where query is your entire query and field specifies one or more fields to which the search will be restricted; if you specify multiple fields, their names must be separated by commas; a single space may be placed immediately before or after the operator. You can use partial field names with this operator.

As with the word-level field restriction operator, the query-level operator will be distributed through scope of operation delimiters.


Renfield Seward Harker/f:name
Miskatonic ADJ University /f: text,synopsis
The first query will search only the name field for occurrences of Renfield, Seward, or Harker.

The second query will retrieve records in which Miskatonic occurs immediately before University in either of the text or synopsis fields.

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