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Looking for beta testers with an iPhone

October 7th, 2008 by admin

I am looking for 5 (and only 5) beta testers with an iPhone or an iPod Touch to test releases of Doppler for the iPhone.

The requirements:

  • You must be serious, and not just interested in running an early version of Doppler ‘because you can’. I do require feedback.
  • Your device must be running version 2.0 or newer of the OS
  • Your device must -not- be jailbroken. I want to test Doppler on standard devices.
If you are interested, drop me an email at info [at] dopplerradio [dot] net. Please include in your mail
  • Your full name and phone number (I might want to call you in order to talk through issues you’ve encountered)
  • Your location in the world (I am located in Stockholm, Sweden, so time zone differences can apply)
  • What type of device you have (e.g. iPhone first generation, iPhone 3G, iPod Touch first generation or iPod Touch 2nd generation)
  • The unique device ID (you can find that by connecting your device to iTunes. Click on the device in the left menu, then go to the summary tab, and click on the serial number). I need the UDID in order to provide you with a correctly signed copy of Doppler.
  • How many feeds on average you subscribe to in Google Reader
Update: we have 5 testers. Thanks to all who responded!

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