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Many congressional and government documents are available on the Web. Your local library is also an excellent place to find information. The following guides explain how to find materials related to the Senate and the legislative process. You may also contact your Senator's office if you have additional questions.

How to  research the collections of former Senators

How to  find the Congressional Record

How to  find the U.S. Code

How to  find committee hearings

How to  find the Federal Register and the Code of Federal Regulations

How to  find laws, acts, or statutes

How to  research treaties

How to  find committee reports and conference reports

How to  contact U.S. Senators

How to  find bill numbers

How to  find books

How to  find subcommittee membership rosters

How to  find out about congressional votes

How to  find copies of bills


Learn the most common way a bill becomes a law.

Transcripts of hearings on a federal or judicial nominee may be available on a committee Web site, from the Government Printing Office, or from a federal depository library.

All senators from each state and other facts about a state's history in the U.S. Senate.