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Senators Warner and Webb Announce Senate Passage of Key Defense Provisions Affecting Virginia

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Washington, DC— Senators John W. Warner (R-Va.) and Jim Webb (D-Va.), members of the Senate Committee on Armed Services, announced that the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2009 passed in the Senate today. The bill contains important provisions for Virginia, the defense of our nation, and the welfare of our men and women in uniform and their families.

As a result of provisions supported by both senators, the FY 2009 NDAA will improve military facilities throughout the Commonwealth, continue to support modernization and recapitalization programs, better equip the Virginia National Guard and provide a 3.9 percent pay raise for all uniformed personnel.

Senator Warner said, “If I had to point to one thing in my 40-plus years of public service that has meant the most to me, it is working with and learning from the men and women of the Armed Forces of the United States. I have tried to pay back to this generation and future generations of men and women all of the wonderful things that were done for me. With this being one of the last votes that I will cast in my 30 years in the Senate, I have tried to do the best, and will continue to do the best, on behalf of the men and women of the Armed Forces and their families.”

Senator Webb said, “This bill underscores the vital role Virginia plays in our nation’s defense and meets our responsibility for the proper stewardship of our men and women in uniform while our nation is at war. The bill not only provides funding for important construction and repair projects at military facilities across the Commonwealth, but it also increases military pay by 3.9% and authorizes more than $25 billion for the Defense Health Program.

“I also want to acknowledge the superb leadership of Senator John Warner, who ensured that this important legislation was not derailed by political gamesmanship,” continued Webb. “There is not a person in the United States military today whose life has not been affected in a very positive way by the career and leadership of John Warner. It has been a constant privilege to work in tandem with him on this, his final defense bill during a distinguished 30-year career in the Senate, and for the past two years in the United States Senate.” 

Following is the list of noteworthy provisions affecting Virginia and Virginia’s military personnel:

Military Construction

The National Defense Authorization Bill also authorizes the following military construction and Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) funding in line with the Administration’s request:

• Fort Lee 
  Dining Facilities                                                                                     $10.6 million
  Trainee Barracks Complex                                                                     $90 million
  USAF Transportation Management School                                         $16.5 million
  Warrior Training Facilities                                                                       $12 million
  Combat Service Support School, Phase 1, Incr 3                               $6.348 million
  DCMA Administrative Building                                                                $23 million
  Combat Service Support School, Phase 2, Incr 2                               $143 million
  JCOE for Culinary Training                                                                      $17 million

• Fort Pickett
  Multipurpose Machine Gun Range                                                        $2.95 million

• Fort Eustis
  Unit Operations Facilities                                                                      $14.4 million
  Headquarters Building, TRADOC                                                         $113 million

• Norfolk
  Child Development Center                                                                    $10.5 million
  Harbor Channel Dredging                                                                     $42.83 million
  Explosive Ordnance Disposal Mobile Unit 10 Operations Facility          $8.17 million
  Renovate V47 for Combat Craft Facility                                               $7.14 million

• Craney Island
  Replace Fuel Storage Tanks                                                                 $39.9 million

• Dam Neck
  Special Operations Forces Operational Facility Increment II                  $31 million

• Fort Story
  Special Operations Forces Small Arms Range                                       $11.6 million

• Williamsburg
  Ordnance Handling Cargo Ops Training Support                                   $12.32 million

• Chesapeake BRAC
  Joint Regional Correctional Facility (INCR I of II)                                 $33 million

• Fort Belvoir
  Emergency Services Center                                                                  $7.2 million
  Network Operations Center                                                                 $8.3 million
            Infrastructure Support, Increment 2                                              $23 million
            Infrastructure Support, Increment 2                                              $48 million
            Infrastructure Support, Increment 2                                              $20 million
            Defense Access Roads, EPG                                                        $36 million
  NGA Headquarters Facility                                                                  $743.9million
  Hospital Replacement, Increment 3                                                       $197.8 million
  Office Complex                                                                                    $274.3 million

• Fort Myer
  Barracks                                                                                              $14 million

• Quantico
  Aircraft Maintenance Hangar, Type II                                                   $27.75 million
  Aircraft Parking Apron                                                                         $36.28 million
  Infrastructure – Russell Road (Phase 1)                                                 $7.45 million
  Instruction Facility Addition – The Basic School                                    $6.35 million
  Instruction Facility – The Basic School (Phase 1)                                   $25.2 million
  Mess Hall – Officer Candidate School                                                  $13.75 million
  Student Quarters – The Basic School (Phase 3)                                    $27.53 million
  Collocate MILDEP Invest Agencies (INCR II of II)                              $213.1 million
  Pre-trial Detainee Facility                                                                      $5.57 million

• Pentagon
  Athletic Center Phase 2                                                                        $6.967 million
  Pentagon Force Protection Agency Hazardous Materials Facility           $16.4 million
  Raven Rock West Power Plant                                                             $15.57 million

• Arlington
  Arlington Hall Readiness Center Phase 2                                               $15.5 million
  Arlington Hall Armed Forces Reserve Center                                        $80.1 million

• Rivanna Station (Charlottesville) BRAC
  Joint Use Intelligence Analysis Facility – Phase 2                                   $21 million

Virginia National Guard

Funding for Virginia Colleges and Universities

Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) & Defense Access Roads


The NDAA fully funds the eight ships requested in the President’s budget request.

Armed Forces


 Oversight and Proper Stewardship


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