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As a Senator from the State of Hawaii, I consider it a privilege to look into constituent inquiries from the citizens of Hawaii. Due to limited resources and given the volume of inquiries, if you are not from Hawaii, I may not be able to respond to your concerns, but will refer your inquiry to the appropriate Senators from your state in accordance with longstanding traditions of Congressional courtesy.

I will do whatever I can, within the law, to resolve problems you are having with a federal agency by expediting the bureaucratic processes and bringing attention to your case.

If you are a constituent and require my assistance, please download and complete the “Authorization and Casework” form provided here and mail or fax it to me at my Honolulu office. The Right to Privacy Act of 1974 requires you to authorize me to act on your behalf. You should also provide a concise explanation of your situation, as well as copies of all relevant information.

  Authorization and Casework Form

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