Press Release Archives
December 2000
Thompson Applauds Final Passage of Legislation to Protect Citizens' Privacy on Federal Web Sites
December 19, 2000 
Final Passage of Regulatory Right-to-Know Legislation
December 18, 2000 
Thompson Urges GSA to Open Transition Office
December 4, 2000 
November 2000
Thompson Announces Release of "PLUM BOOK"
November 2, 2000 
October 2000
Thompson Unveils Agency Performance Report Grades
October 31, 2000 
New Accountability Required of Executive Branch Agencies
October 30, 2000 
Two Agencies Refusing to Provide Information on Political Travel
October 26, 2000 
Thompson Announces Governmental Affairs Committee Website on Presidential Transition
October 23, 2000 
Administration Compromises Citizens' Privacy
October 20, 2000 
Thompson Says Federal Agencies Aren't Fully Complying with Information Management Law
October 20, 2000 
New Law Will Allow Comptroller General to Reshape GAO
October 16, 2000 
Former Federal Lands to be Used for Local Public Safety Activities
October 16, 2000 
Senators Thompson, Stevens, and Breaux Announce Final Passage of Regulatory Right-to-Know Legislation
October 13, 2000 
Senate Passes Thompson Legislation to Ensure Government Cyber-Security
October 13, 2000 
Clinton signs "Presidential Transition Act"
October 13, 2000 
Conferees Endorse Thompson's Plan to Ensure Government Cyber-Security
October 10, 2000 
Final Congressional Passage of Truth in Regulating Act
October 4, 2000 
September 2000
Senate Approves "Presidential Transition Act"
September 29, 2000 
Chairman Thompson Announces Results of Governmental Affairs Committee Markup
September 28, 2000 
Thompson Recovery Auditing Bill Approved by Governmental Affairs Committee
September 28, 2000 
Senators Thompson, Jeffords, Bond and Enzi Criticize Osha Roadblocks to GAO Investigation
September 25, 2000 
National Defense Expert Says Iran has Capability to Hit U.S. with Ballistic Missile
September 21, 2000 
Thompson Applauds Enactment of Bill to Assist TVA Employees, Retirees with Long-Term Care Needs
September 19, 2000 
"Privacy Commission Act"
September 13, 2000 
Thompson Releases Report Detailing $20.7 Billion in Lost Taxpayer Dollars Due to Improper Payments
September 12, 2000 
July 2000
Thompson Lauds Final Passage Of Bill Assisting TVA Employees & Retirees In Addressing Long-Term Care
July 28, 2000 
Senate-House Conferees Adopt Thompson-Inslee Privacy Amendment
July 28, 2000 
Senate Approves Bill To Assist Federal Employees In Addressing Long-Term Care Needs
July 27, 2000 
Thompson and Lieberman Laud Reports Consolidation Act Passage
July 25, 2000 
Bill Enables Employees to Contribute Sooner & Add Rollover Funds
July 24, 2000 
Permanent Regulatory Right -To-Know Provision
July 21, 2000 
Fosters Government Purchasing from Private Industry
July 18, 2000 
Senate Endorses Plan to Ensure Government Cyber-Security
July 14, 2000 
Thompson Calls for GAO Investigation of OSHA-Paid Witnesses for Ergonomics Regulations
July 5, 2000 
June 2000
Senator Thompson Applauds House Committee Vote to Create Privacy Commission
June 29, 2000 
"Presidential Transition Act"
June 14, 2000 
May 2000
Export Control Implementation Issues with Respect to High Performance Computers
May 24, 2000
E-GOVERNMENT Project Launched
May 18, 2000
Senate Unanimously Approves Truth in Regulating Act
May 10, 2000
Thompson Asks of Agency Performance Reporting: "Are We Telling the American People What They Want to Know?"
May 3, 2000
April 2000
Thompson Urges OMB to Fulfill its Leadership Responsibility on Results Act Implementation
April 13, 2000
Statement of Senator Fred Thompson on Energy Department's Worker Compensation Proposal
April 12, 2000
Thompson/Lieberman Send Letters to 24 Agencies to Determine if They are Complying With Information Technology Law
April 10, 2000
MEDIA ADVISORY -- hearing on the Wassenaar Arrangement and the Future of Multilateral Export Controls
April 7, 2000

Thompson to Discuss Results Act Implementation

April 4, 2000

Thompson to Testify on Export Administration Act

April 3, 2000
March 2000
FIRST-EVER FEDERAL AGENCY PERFORMANCE REPORTS EXPECTED -- Office of Management and Budget reports false information
March 31, 2000

Thompson Statement on GAO Report on TVA Center for Rural Studies

March 30, 2000

Thompson/Lieberman Appeal for More Effective Tools to Prosecute Campaign Finance Violators -- Felony Prosecutions, Jail Sentences Would be Authorized

March 29, 2000
Thompson/Lieberman Announce Hearing on Government Management Challenges in 21st Century
March 27, 2000
Thompson/Lieberman Bill Enforcing Management, Accountability to Better Protect Government Computer Systems is Unanimously Appoved
March 23, 2000
Thompson/Lieberman Announce Hearing on Rising Oil Prices
March 23, 2000
Thompson/Lieberman Announce Governmental Affairs Legislative Mark-Up
March 21, 2000
Medicare Paying for Health Care for the Dead -- HCFA makes $20 million in payments for procedures allegedly performed on patients after they died
March 13, 2000

Administration Falls Well Short of Goal on Financial Management -- Only 11 Agencies Can Balance Their Books on Time HUD, EPA Fall Back After Previous Progress

March 2, 2000
Hearing on Health and Safety Issues at Doe's Gaseous Diffusion Plants in Oak Ridge, Tennessee and Piketon, Ohio
March 2, 2000
Thompson/Lieberman say Management, Accountability Must be Enforced to Better Protect Federal Computer Systems
March 2, 2000
February 2000
GAO: Mismanagement Continues to Plague IRS -- Chairman Thompson Frustrated by Lack of Progress
February 29, 2000
Hearing to Better Protect Government Computers from Cyberattack
February 23, 2000
Computer Security Press Conference
February 22, 2000
The Rising Cost of College Tuition What Drives the Cost and Price of College Tuition?
February 9, 2000
Momentum Growing for Enactment of Much-Needed Reform
February 2, 2000
Meeting with Russian President Putin scheduled
February 2, 2000
January 2000
Thompson Details $220 Billion in Government Waste -- $35 Billion Lost in FY ‘98 Alone
January 24, 2000
Hearing on Cost of Higher Education
January 14, 2000
Comment on Administration's Plan Protecting America from Tech Attacks
January 7, 2000
Chief Justice's Report Lauds Committee's Efforts on Controlling the Federalization of Crimes
January 5, 2000