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 Academy Nominations  

Each U.S. Senator and Representative may have up to five appointed cadets in attendance at each of the three service academies (Air Force, Military and Naval) at any one time. The number of vacancies open to each Congressional member varies annually depending upon how many previously-appointed cadets are still enrolled in an academy.

The competitive system of nomination is used. Ten candidates for nomination will be selected to compete for each vacancy. The final selection will be made by the academy's academic board by order of merit based on the "whole-man" concept. The nominee selected will be that person whose all-around performance indicates the greatest likelihood of success as a career officer in the respective service. This procedure allows all nominees to compete on an equal basis.

Interested applicants should call my Honolulu office at (808) 522-8970 for a fact sheet on the procedures and requirements to apply for a Congressional nomination. All required documents must be received in my Honolulu office no later than November 30.


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