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Hint Fill in as little or as much of the form as you'd like. The more you use, the narrower your search.

Hint Use quotation marks for phrase searching, e.g., "international relations"

Hint For combination searches using a phrase and a word, put your phrase in quotation marks then use a Boolean Operator (AND, OR or NOT) within the same line to connect your term on each line to further narrow a search. Example: line 1: "public law" NOT resolution Operator drop down: NOT line2: "act to amend" NOT resolution

Hint DIPLOMACY = diplomacy, Diplomacy, and DIPLOMACY

Hint super? = super, superconductor, superintendent, superpower, supervisory, etc.

Hint ?ment = ailment, department, supplement, etc.

Hint wom?n = women and woman

Hint In non-phrase searches there is an implied AND between search terms

Hint Boolean operators AND, OR, and NOT can be used

Hint Omit hyphens for ISBN searches, e.g. 123456789x

Hint Use hyphens for ISSN searches, e.g. 1234-5678

Hint Use hyphens and capital letters for Item Number searches, e.g., 0123-A-45 or 0123-A-45 (online)

Hint Stock number searches can be done with or without hyphens, e.g., 869-042-00000-5 or 869042000005

Hint Shipping list numbers can be searched with or without hyphens, e.g., 2001-0269-P or 20010269P

Hint S 1.71 = finds records with SuDoc number beginning with or containing S 1.71



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