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Definition of a Cable System: Phantom Signals

Definition of a Cable System: Phantom Signals

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Federal Register Notice of Inquiry PDF, Text
(Dec. 12, 2007)

Appendix to Notice of Inquiry

National Cable and Telecommunications Association Proposal (10/10/07)



The Copyright Office has initiated a proceeding to examine the “phantom signal” phenomenon. This matter arises under, and is tied to, the definition of the term “cable system” in Section 111 of the Copyright Act and the Copyright Office's implementing rules. The Copyright Office is seeking comment on the National Cable and Telecommunications Association's request for the creation of subscriber groups for the purposes of eliminating the “phantom signal” phenomenon.

Further, the Copyright Office seeks comment on several other issues related to the existence of phantom signals on certain cable systems. The purpose of the Notice of Inquiry is to solicit input on, and address possible solutions to, the complex issues presented in this proceeding. Written comments are due February 11. Reply comments are due March 26, 2008.