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Thank you very much for visiting my website.

Over the past thirty years, it has been my honor and privilege to serve the citizens of the Commonwealth of Virginia in the United States Senate. I thank you, and indeed thank all Virginians, for this opportunity.

In August 2007, I announced my plan to retire from the United States Senate upon completion of my fifth term of service in January 2009. My decision to retire was not easy, and in making it, I was guided by the wisdom of Thomas Jefferson, who once said, "There is a fullness of time when men should go, and not occupy too long the ground to which others have the right to advance."

Throughout my time representing the citizens of the Commonwealth of Virginia in the United States Senate, I have always strived to respond in a detailed, timely fashion to correspondence I receive from fellow Virginians. Closing a Senate office after thirty years of service, however, is a complex process; a process that now precludes me from providing a detailed response to each letter and email I receive.

During this transition, a chief priority of mine is to ensure that the elected officials that represent you in the United States Congress have the benefit of your views. Accordingly, I encourage you to contact Senator Jim Webb's office or your Congressman's office in the House of Representatives. After election day on November 4, 2008, in the interests of ensuring that the views of the citizens of Virginia are before their elected officials, I will forward all incoming letters I receive from my fellow Virginians to Senator Jim Webb.

Again, I thank you for the honor of serving you in the United States Senate.