United States Senate Special Committee on Aging


09/21/06   Increase Generic Drug Use: Savings for Seniors and Medicare
09/14/06   Generation at Risk: Breaking the Cycle of Senior Suicide
09/13/06   Roundtable: Securing Medicaid's Future: Spotlight on Managed Care
09/07/06   Exploitation of Seniors: America's Ailing Guardianship System
07/27/06   At Home DNA Tests: Marketing Scam or Medical Breakthrough?
07/20/06   The Generic Drug Maze: Speeding Access to Affordable, Life Saving Drugs
07/13/06   From Medicaid to Retiree Benefits: How Seniors Impact America's Health Care Costs
06/27/06   The Globalization of Health Care: Can Medical Tourism Reduce Health Care Costs?
06/21/06   Managing Retirement Assets: Ensuring Seniors Don't Outlive Their Savings
05/25/06   Preparing For Pandemic Flu
05/18/06   Caring for Seniors in a National Emergency: Can We Do Better?
05/03/06   Innovation in the Aging Network: The Future of Social Services for Older Americans
04/06/06   Employment and Community Service for Low Income Seniors: Are We Getting The Job Done?
03/29/06   Not Born Yesterday: How Seniors Can Stop Investment Fraud
03/15/06   Bridging the Gender Gap: Eliminating Retirement Income Disparity for Women
03/09/06   Long-Term Care Financing: Are Americans Prepared
02/02/06   Meeting the Challenges of Medicare Drug Benefit Implementation


10/05/05   Preparing Early, Acting Quickly: Meeting the Needs of Older Americans During a Disaster
09/29/05   The Impact of Direct-to-Consumer Drug Advertising on Seniors' Health and Health Care Costs
07/27/05   Old Scams - New Victims: Breaking the Cycle of Victimization
07/20/05   Sound Policy, Smart Solutions: Saving Money in Medicaid
06/30/05   Savings Dollars, Saving Lives: The Importance of Prevention in Curing Medicare?
06/28/05   Mandatory or Optional? The Truth About Medicaid
06/15/05   Keeping The Power On: Examining the Impact of Soaring Energy Costs on the Elderly
06/08/05   Exploring the Promise of Embryonic Stem Cell Research
05/12/05   HIV Over Fifty: Exploring The New Threat
04/27/05   Living Stronger, Earning Longer: Redefining Retirement in the 21st Century Workplace
04/12/05   The Role of Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plans in Increasing National Savings
03/15/05   Exploring the Economics of Retirement
03/03/05   Implementation of the Medicare Modernization Act: Delivering Prescription Drugs to Dual Eligibles
02/03/05   Social Security: Do We Have To Act Now?
01/26/05   Internet Pharmacy and Importation: Exploring Risks and Benefits