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Budget, the Economy, and Taxes

Responsible Management of American Finances

In the U.S. Senate, Jeff Sessions has earned the reputation of a tough fiscal conservative.  At every turn, Sessions works hard to limit spending, keep taxes low, and fight waste, fraud, and abuse.

Senator Sessions knows that low taxes lead to economic growth, and he believes that Americans know how to spend their hard-earned money better than politicians in Washington.  Putting money back in the taxpayers' hands allows individuals to invest in the future of our country. 

Sessions regularly stands guard on the Senate floor looking out for the American taxpayer by offering amendments and pursuing bipartisan efforts to combat wasteful and unnecessary spending. In 2001, Senator Sessions introduced the "American Family Economic Security and Stimulus Act" to provide immediate assistance for displaced workers and tax relief for working Americans.  In 2005, he introduced legislation to immediately eliminate the death tax. In 2007, Sessions successfully championed a bill through Congress to create a federal law to punish those that fraudulently obtain federal disaster assistance during a national emergency, like Hurricane Katrina.  He offered an amendment to the Senate Budget Resolution to make it easier under Senate procedures to extend President Bush's expiring pro-family, pro-growth tax cuts. 

As a member of the Senate Committee on the Budget since 2003, Senator Sessions has worked to develop reasonable, responsible budgets that meet our national priorities without excess growth of the federal government.

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