Republicans Work to Protect Taxpayers and Support American Auto Industry
At a press conference in the U.S. Capitol, Senate Republican leaders discussed efforts to help the American auto industry while protecting taxpayers.

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McConnell: We Simply Cannot Ask the American Taxpayer to Subsidize Failure
‘Americans are also worried about the prospect of the government intervening on behalf of some industries and not intervening on behalf of others — especially when there is no guarantee it...
A Path to Accomplishment, Not Gridlock
Republican Leadership Team Announced
McConnell Statement On The Yet-To-Be-Written Democrat Spending/Bailout Bill
McConnell Statement on Working with President-elect Obama
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Senate Stands in Recess
The Senate stands in recess with pro-forma sessions until January 2, 2009.
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11:52 PM: Floor -- Senate Stands Adjourned Sine Die
11:08 PM: Floor -- Vote Results (Cloture on H.R. 7005)
10:55 PM: Floor -- Reid, McConnell, Dodd, Corker, Shelby, Stabenow
08:35 PM: Floor -- Reid
Budget Impact of Financial Rescue
The Gas Price Reduction Act of 2008
What's Blocking Offshore and Oil Shale Exploration
Facts About Oil Shale
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Alexander, Corker: Dow Corning Announcement is Monumental, Means Tennessee Jobs and Greater Energy Security
Coburn Report Highlights Worst Waste of 2008
Bunning Comments On Coal-to-Liquids Plant Being Built In West Virginia
Inhofe Notes Continued Improvement in Afghan Security Situation
McConnell Renews Call for Taxpayer Protection, Business Reform
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Tulsa World: Grace at Work
Corker: Loan Conditions Must Fix Automakers' Problems
Crapo: Looking Ahead to a New Congress
Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Sen. Hutchison Urges More Domestic Oil Production
Salt Lake Tribune: Feds Open Utah Tracts to Oil-Shale Development
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Sen. Mitch McConnell on Auto Industry Rescue video
Senate Republican Leadership Team Introduced video
Republicans Working to Get America Moving Again video
Main Street Being Affected video
Republicans Committed to Getting America Moving Again video
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