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For Students and Kids

Smart Energy Use

Every year a huge amount of energy is wasted. You can help save energy by doing simple things like turning off the lights when you leave a room, powering off your video games when you're done playing, and keeping the windows and doors closed whPaddy imageen the air conditioner is running.

You can help Mom or Dad conduct a home energy audit! With a simple but careful walk-through, you can spot many problems in any type of house. Keep a checklist of areas you have inspected and problems you found. This list will help your family rank your energy efficiency upgrades.

How about giving your home a "Home Energy Checkup"?  You can select from among 14 kinds of energy efficiency choices, see how much your family can save, find out where to get energy efficient products, and get tips on how to act on your choices.

Be an energy smart kid!

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Last Updated: 12/12/2007

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